The Future Department of

Public Works Facility and

Residential Yard Waste Facility

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The future Village Department of Public Works Facility is focused on providing high quality, efficient services to Village residents. The new facility is sized to accommodate growth in the Village of Germantown for the next 25 years.

Broke Ground: December 2022

Estimated Completion: July 2024

Building Size 140,000 SF

Fast Facts About Your Department of Public Works Department

The Village manages 10 parks, green spaces and environmental corridors that is equivalent to over 400 acres each year. They also support numerous community events each year such as the Christmas Parade, 4th of July festivities, Taste of Germantown, and more.

The Village manages 291 lane miles each year, which includes snow removal, debris collection, construction and more.

The new facility includes a 4,000-ton salt shed and brine tanks to make snow and ice removal more efficient while reducing the amount of chemicals running off into Village waterways.

The Village's water utility maintains 6 wells (seventh under construction) and 3 water towers (fourth under construction). Germantown households and businesses have the capacity to produce 4.5 million gallons of water per day.

The Village's sewer utility serves 6,700 households and businesses, and maintains over 105 miles of sewer lines.

The current residential yard waste facility receives over 27,000 visits each year. The new residential yard waste facility will provide more space and easier access for residents dropping off yard waste or picking up mulch or compost.  

The Village has over $21 million worth of equipment. Unlike the current facility, the new facility will allow the DPW to safely and efficiently store all equipment inside. A modern equipment repair facility is also one of the significant features of the new facility. The new repair shop will be able to handle all Village equipment from police cruisers to highway patrol trucks to the Fire Department’s Ladder truck.  This will reduce the Village’s cost for contracting for repairs and increase the amount of time Village equipment is onsite and available to provide services.

Take a Tour Through the Future Department of Public Works Facility - Exterior

Residential Yard Waste Facility

Salt Shed


We've got A's for your Q's

Why is the Village of Germantown getting a new department of public works facility?

The current Department of Public Works facility was built in the 1950’s. Three of the department buildings were beyond their useful life and in some cases near structural failure. This put the public works team, equipment and daily operations at high risk. The current facility was also cited by the DNR for an environmental issue that would require the Village to extend sewer service to the facility.  

Where will the new facility be?

The new Department of Public Works facility will be located at W130 N10200 Town 9 Parkway.

How will the new facility impact residential yard waste?

A new residential yard waste facility is part of this project. The current residential yard waste facility receives over 27,000 visits per year. We anticipate that that number will grow at our expanded location. The new residential yard waste facility will have a driveway for yard waste to be dropped and become more efficient for our residents. We will continue to pick up yard waste once a year as usual.

What will the new facility look like?

The renderings you see above are a visual of what the future building will look like.

What will the new public works facility be used for?

The entire department of public works will be moved to the new facility. The majority of the facility is focused on maintaining the millions of dollars the Village has invested in infrastructure and equipment and providing a larger and more efficient residential yard waste facility. The building is also being constructed to be able to serve as an emergency response center.  The Village will be able to continue to provide critical services out of this building during any type of disaster we might face over the next century.

How much will the new public works facility cost?

We anticipate that the cost will be approximately $44 million. This also includes the cost of infrastructure improvements that will allow for the development of a new business park by F Street and expansion for Stonecast Concrete Products.

What will happen to the old public works facility?

Much of the current facility will be demolished and will be considered as a site for future municipal use. Buildings that are still operable will be kept as storage facilities. The existing salt dome will be kept as a satellite salt storage facility to reduce travel time during snow and ice operations.